The Australian Edition of the York Assessment of Reading for Comprehension (YARC) Passage Reading; Early Reading and Passage Reading Secondary, were undertaken by Psychological Assessments Australia (PAA) and published in 2012 by GL Assessment.

The skills assessed by the YARC-Australian Edition have been mapped to the Australian Curriculum: English Content Descriptions. Please refer to the YARC-Australian Edition Manuals.

Appropriate fonts for Letter Sound Knowledge test

The Letter Sound Knowledge test which is part of Early Reading is available to download in fonts appropriate to those used in different states. These are for Queensland, Victoria/Western Australia/Northern Territory, Tasmania and South Australia.

Download the test in the font that is used in your state.

To order the YARC-Australian Edition

Contact: Psychological Assessments Australia

YARC-Australian Edition - Score Conversion Tools (SCT)

To help assessors with the scoring of all parts of the YARC-Australian Edition tests, we have created three free online score conversion programs that convert scores instantly:

Once student information and raw scores have been added, score conversion is immediate and a short summary report is produced.


Firstly input student details along with the name of the school and the assessor.

Then input details of tests taken and raw scores and press Create Report and score conversion will be done automatically and instantly.

All programs allow assessors to add comments and/or observations.

Each program has a Help section that gives more information – for example, about saving and correcting reports that have been generated.

If you have administered a passage from YARC Passage Reading (Primary) Form A with a passage from Form B (for example 2A and 3B) and wish to hand score, please use these data tables. The Score Conversion Tool has been enhanced to score such combinations automatically.

SWRT Age equivalents

A table of SWRT equivalent scores.

SWRT Revised form

Sample Reports